Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday - Day 2

OMG what a busy day!!! So much driving and running around. Not a minute to spare. Should have drunk more water, kinda at a minimal- not good.

Almost forgot to have dinner, lemon drink still tasting pretty good.

Am happy normal self (I think).

Got temporary tooth put in today (more bloody anaesthetic).

Went on another hour long brisk walk, lovin the walkin and the spattering of rain was refreshing. Pushed the muscles hard. Bec is comin tomorrow night, she helps with my irrational cane toad fear!

Sat on the lounge watching the bushfire updates and fell asleep, probably just before 9:30 (wow).

No headaches.

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  1. You're doing great and well done with getting into the habit of walking ... keep that one going hey! Congrats on getting the tooth seen to, I know you've been concerned about it.