Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Made it !

Went shopping yesterday in preparation for re-eating. Have never had such a healthy trolley!

Tackled breakfast this morning started with my alkalizing powder and accompanied it with totally natural borhhauffen yogurt (the smallest serving) + 5 pistachio nuts. Had the worst stomach ache about an hour later and my body ejected the lot. Hmmm.

Better luck at dinner time ?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wednesday - Day 10 (final)

Wow cant believe im at the end already...

Feeling absolutely awesome!!! Still so much energy, refreshed and healthy.

Gonna be weird to eat again tomorrow, can't say im looking forward to the whole food thing. Hard to imagine what chewing will feel like, seems so foreign. Seems a shame to put crap back in the body, im sure my food choices will be quite different.

I did burst out in fits of jogging thru the week on my walks. I love it!! Not real good yet but ill work on it.

My dreams have come back, my thoughts are clearer and i feel really empowered. Im even a little creatively inspired :)

I have a happy little liver now im sure.

I will do it again!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thursday - Day 4

Very happy to report that i am down 3 very unhealthy kilos. I can really feel the difference. Enjoyed my walk with Bec last night, she came for half hour and i continued on my own.

My skin looks alot healthier and im sure if it wasnt for my pterygium thingy my eyes would surely look much whiter.

Woke up after falling asleep on the lounge again lastnight and found myself hallucinating about cane toads, not sure what that was all about. Hopefully just a sign my brain is re-finding its creativity!!

Dragged myself up to bed and had a great nights sleep. I even remembered my dream on waking which hasnt happened in such a long time. Grateful to have remembered it, even if it was very far fetched - quite vivid and all detox related as far as i can ascertain.

Hoping the weather holds out so i can fit in another walk tonight.

Day 3 - Wednesday

Lots of ppl jogging past on my walk last night. I'm thinking i'd like to learn "jogging"! Will invest in new sneakers & new bra firstly. Perhaps i'll keep the walking up first till i can no longer contain myself! I have been jogging on the wii fit abit this week.

Woke up all light and tingly this morning. Settled down after my drink. Been sipping more water too.

Tummy feels alot flatter.

Excessive road rage feelings on the way to work, guess tolerance is lacking abit.

Arm still bleeding, changed the dressing- might have to go back to the doctors.

Tongue very furry which is a great sign that toxins are eliminating well.

General health is awesome, feel great.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday - Day 2

OMG what a busy day!!! So much driving and running around. Not a minute to spare. Should have drunk more water, kinda at a minimal- not good.

Almost forgot to have dinner, lemon drink still tasting pretty good.

Am happy normal self (I think).

Got temporary tooth put in today (more bloody anaesthetic).

Went on another hour long brisk walk, lovin the walkin and the spattering of rain was refreshing. Pushed the muscles hard. Bec is comin tomorrow night, she helps with my irrational cane toad fear!

Sat on the lounge watching the bushfire updates and fell asleep, probably just before 9:30 (wow).

No headaches.

Monday - Day 1

Guess the timing was pretty shit to do my detox. Have had appointment for a while to get some moles cut off. Not brave enuff to do it without anesthetic. Wasn't about to cancel it... Although it kinda goes against the whole not poisoning my body with toxins regime. Lets just keep this detox about the food then i rekon.

Scrubbed myself silly with my new loofah, supposed to assist in the process. Consumed more water than probably ever before in my entire 32 yrs.

Took myself on an hour long trek and chilled out with Jay watching Underbelly. My whole body when i lay down felt like a water bed- bloated and full, slight headache and a painless bleeding arm.

Not hungry yet & no obvious side effects.

I feel great!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Detox intro - Sunday

Hey glad you came by to check out my detox.

I'm so psyched! Made up some of my drinks last night. The taste test was better than expected. I liked it (thankfully) and ended up downing my first serving.

I'm now even more psyched; i'm determined to enjoy the experience and succeed thru my first ever detox. Cross your fingers i get thru 10 days.

Am hoping all the notes and googling (in the lead up) will penetrate the brain space -when i get to the point that it all seems too much, i'll just remind myself that the way that i'm feeling is a result of the damage i've done. Time to get healthy!

All the crap that has manifested itself inside my body will be releasing from my innards, surely i'll be reminded of how bad it was to put it in in the first place? Headaches, and all the fun stuff that will go with them.

Farewell to decaffeinated coffee and toxic Pepsi Max. I'm thru with you!

Cant wait to get clean.