Monday, February 9, 2009

Detox intro - Sunday

Hey glad you came by to check out my detox.

I'm so psyched! Made up some of my drinks last night. The taste test was better than expected. I liked it (thankfully) and ended up downing my first serving.

I'm now even more psyched; i'm determined to enjoy the experience and succeed thru my first ever detox. Cross your fingers i get thru 10 days.

Am hoping all the notes and googling (in the lead up) will penetrate the brain space -when i get to the point that it all seems too much, i'll just remind myself that the way that i'm feeling is a result of the damage i've done. Time to get healthy!

All the crap that has manifested itself inside my body will be releasing from my innards, surely i'll be reminded of how bad it was to put it in in the first place? Headaches, and all the fun stuff that will go with them.

Farewell to decaffeinated coffee and toxic Pepsi Max. I'm thru with you!

Cant wait to get clean.

1 comment:

  1. Good on you ... can't wait to hear about your progress. How about a before and after pic??