Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thursday - Day 4

Very happy to report that i am down 3 very unhealthy kilos. I can really feel the difference. Enjoyed my walk with Bec last night, she came for half hour and i continued on my own.

My skin looks alot healthier and im sure if it wasnt for my pterygium thingy my eyes would surely look much whiter.

Woke up after falling asleep on the lounge again lastnight and found myself hallucinating about cane toads, not sure what that was all about. Hopefully just a sign my brain is re-finding its creativity!!

Dragged myself up to bed and had a great nights sleep. I even remembered my dream on waking which hasnt happened in such a long time. Grateful to have remembered it, even if it was very far fetched - quite vivid and all detox related as far as i can ascertain.

Hoping the weather holds out so i can fit in another walk tonight.

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